Choosing The Best Breast Implants

Choosing The Best Breast Implants

Our surgeons perform breast augmentation for women from the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and beyond who are not happy with their natural breast size or whose breasts have deflated after pregnancy. For women who simply want better body proportions or more symmetrical breasts, there is no need to settle. At the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Vath, Dr. Wolfe, and Dr. Steinwald perform hundreds of natural-looking breast augmentation surgeries per year. In some women, implants alone create beautiful, filled-out breasts. In others, an enhancement with a breast lift (or mastopexy) is necessary to achieve an attractive, fuller shape. If silicone breast implants have a leak or rupture, this is more difficult to identify. The leakage of silicone gel stays within the breast pocket, whereas the saltwater from saline breast implants is totally absorbed, leaving an obviously deflated breast pocket. Occasionally, the gel of the implant can escape the capsule (implant scar tissue) and irregularities can be felt around the outer shell of the implant. If this change is felt, it constitutes a problem that needs investigation. The FDA suggests that an MRI be done at three years and then every two years thereafter, in hopes of detecting a silent leak. Silent leaks can occur spontaneously and are often undetectable to the patient or plastic surgeon. If, a silicone leak is determined by an MRI or other test, the breast implant needs to be removed and replaced with a new breast implant. Read: How to Choose the Right Size of your Breast Implant.{breast implants|breast implants cost|breast implant removal|breast implant sizes|breast implant surgery|breast implant illness|breast implants near me|breast implant scars|breast implant recovery|breast implant removal cost}

In 1991, the FDA began restricting the use of silicone breast implants, based on safety concerns. This stemmed from claims that silicone breast implants could cause autoimmune diseases in some women. In November 2006, after extensive research, it was concluded that there was no scientific evidence to support this claim and silicone breast implants were approved for general use (with certain restrictions, including that the patient has to be at least 22 years of age).

Once the incisions have been closed and taped, a surgical bra is applied. After breast augmentation discomfort may be greatly reduced through medication. A return to normal light activity is possible as soon as you feel ready, usually within a day or two. Swelling gradually subsides and becomes undetectable in a few months’ time. Stitches are buried and will dissolve on their own.

Plastic surgeons around the country are removing or shrinking implants for the very same women they once augmented. Celebs leading the less-is-more charge include Sharon Osbourne, Melissa Gilbert and Victoria Beckham, who’ve been open about having their implants taken out, along with Heidi Montag, who downsized her famously huge F-cup implants to Cs.

Underneath the pectoralis muscle, called submuscular placement (right). This behind-the-muscle pocket adds a layer of tissue over the implant to disguise the implant’s edges and make it less palpable. It also puts a layer between the breast tissue and the implant to help with mammography. This approach may decrease the risk of hardening (a complication called capsular contracture).

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