A Review Of My New Samsung Curved TV

A Review Of My New Samsung Curved TV

Curved TVs aren’t new any more, but is it worth buying one? We at TrustedReviews have tested a fair few curved TVs over the past two years or so, and we’ve learnt about all the benefits and drawbacks of buying one. So here are the pros and cons of buying a curved TV. Wouldn’t buy another thing from Ebuyer. Recently bought a monitor from them with a visible scratch to the screen. Their returns procedure is archaic! Courier never showed to pick up monitor, which they insisted he did as they could track him. Well sorry Ebuyer my cctv shows that there was never a driver at my house. Do yourselves a favour and buy elsewhere. Rant over!!!! See also A Guide to Buying a Cheap Curved TV.{curved tv|curved tv vs flat|curved tv walmart|curved tv reviews|curved tv or not|curved tv best buy|curved tv stand|curved tv worth it|curved tv mount|curved tv on wall}

This doesn’t make much sense on paper. Logic dictates that curving the edges of the image forward should reduce viewing angle support, not increase it. However, LCD TVs have a directionality problem, whereby the way they push light through their LCD arrays means that viewing from down an LCD TV’s sides means you usually have to put up with quite drastic reductions in colour saturations and contrast.

Get ahead of the curve for the next evolution of HD television. This HDTV’s curved 4K panel brings you 4 times the resolution of full HD to create an immersive world of rich imagery, smooth action and lush stereo audio. Smart apps let you stream movies and videos or rock your favorite music. You can even surf, shop or check in on social media with the full web browser. Straight-panel viewing will never be the same.

Especially when you notice that LG is also leaving its curved sets by the wayside too. Instead its flagship OLED W7’s biggest selling point is that it can be mounted practically flush to the wall Panasonic also now on the straight and narrow. It’s second ever OLED TV, the EZ1002 is completely flat. Panasonic’s first OLED, the now two-year-old TX-65CZ952B, had a distinct curve.

Amazing picture quality, even when upscaling. The blacks are so dark, you can barely tell where the edges of the tv are. Who cares if it only reaches about 600nits in brightness (compared to 1000nit LED displays), its still incredibly bright even in a bright room. Personally, I have to turn the OLED light down. Only gripe I have so far is the lack of HDR support via the built in YouTube app. LG, if you’re listening, please provide an update to support this. I know for a fact HDR activates on the.. read more G series, and yet I haven’t yet seen it activate on any of the HDR YouTube videos I’ve tried on my E6. If you’re on the fence about this TV, snatch one up before the E6 models run out. This years E7 has some slight improvements but I don’t think its worth the extra thousands I’d have to shell out.

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